Workshop UK 2018 –
Latest Developments in LEDs for Horticultural Growth

Workshop OK 2018 - Latest Developments in LEDs for Horticultural Growth

A revolution is happening in horticulture and agriculture. It’s a seismic shift that is already fundamentally changing how we grow plants and feed our populations – and it’s being driven by advancements in LEDs and LED lighting. Thanks to the unique properties of LED lighting and major advances in our understanding of plants, we now have exciting possibilities to tune the light to boost yield, customise the plant characteristics and maintain plant health.

Greenhouses, green facades, indoor greening of commercial buildings, urban farming and vertical farming – the opportunities for horticulture lighting systems are expanding from year to year. As a result, the range of requirements is also increasingly diverse for the various fields of application, such as light intensities, wavelengths or colour spectra, beam angles, control options and much more. LED-based systems give developers the opportunity to tailor lighting systems to any specific application.

Join us for a free one day seminar where Osram Opto Semiconductors, the world leaders in LED technology for horticultural and agricultural applications, will discuss the latest advances in LED technologies for horticultural lighting, and introduce some new products which have only just been announced to the world.

This joint seminar will also involve Intelligent LED Solutions – Osram’s official System integration partner for the UK. ILS will be introducing their latest products  and innovations all aimed at quickly supporting scientists, engineers and growers to speed up their development and time to market.

After a break for lunch there will be an opportunity for one on one sessions with engineers from Osram and ILS to discuss any LED technology requirements or questions that you may have, whether it be horticultural lighting and control or other opto-electronics products.

Participating partners

Date: 19th-21st June 2018
Registration Deadline:4th June 2018
Venues:Edinburgh – University of Edinburgh - 19th June
Cambridge – University of Cambridge Sainsbury’s Lab – 20th June
Shropshire – Harper Adams University – 21st June
Beginning of event: 09:30
Registration fee:free


10:00Welcome to Seminar - Introduction to Osram
10:20How LEDs work, and how that applies to horticulture
10:50Osram Horticulture Presentation Part 1
11:45Osram Horticulture Presentation Part 2
12:30Introduction to ILS. How ILS offer support
13:45Open surgery and table top product demos


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OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

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