ZigBee Lighting Control

ZigBee Lighting Control

Using the TI Z-Stack with ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) profile on a CC2530 SoC with Osram LEDs to demonstrate the capabilities of ZLL as a new standard in wireless lighting control

The project was kicked off to create a HW and SW demonstrator that could be used for promoting wireless mesh networks as the next logical step in lighting control. The next few years will see a massive move towards LED as the primary light source in light bulbs and lamps, which means better efficiency and longer life times than traditional bulbs. Each light bulb will be a longer term investment than the disposable bulbs of the past, and adding more advanced control- and safety features will give a better return on the investment.

ZigBee is a standard protocol for wireless mesh networks, and ZLL is a standard ZigBee profile especially suited for lighting control. The lights join a network and can be controlled individually, or in groups. The users can store scenes valid for a group of lamp, where each lamp can have its individual state of level/hue/saturation, and the scene can be recalled late. This can be useful to easily adapt the lighting to various settings such as talking, reading, watching a movie etc.

To show how this system can work, a big demo was set up at Electronica 2012 in Munich, where 216 lights were mounted on a wall and could be controlled via ZLL commands.

ZigBee Lighting Control
  • Home lighting control
  • Industrial lighting control
  • Full colour control
  • No wiring needed to set up light switches
Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions

Electronic and Controls Engineering, IC driver manufacturers

  • CC2531 (TI)
  • TPS62290 (TI)
  • TPS76933DBV (TI)
  • LA CP7P (Osram OS)
  • LD CP7P (Osram OS)
  • LT CP7P (Osram OS)
  • LUW CP7P (Osram OS)

Photo Credits:
Espen Wium/Texas Instruments

Project Credits:
Texas Instruments
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors