Snake/Snake Deco

Linear curvable ingrade element for continious run and flexible radius adjustment. Body in stainless steel with glass finish for seam- less integration. Walk over rated.

Inground application, Main feature the possibilty to adjst radius. Free radius adjustmen, walk over, IP67, available in continious run right as well as uplight option integrating different optics options.

Snake/Snake Deco
Snake/Snake Deco
  • Residential, Retail, Hospitality and Commercial Applications
  • Small aperture downlighting
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • IP67
  • Adjustable radius
  • continious marker light
  • uplight
  • optics
  • plug and play IP67 connectors
  • snap in system
System Integrator

System Integrator

Project consulting / LED solutions

  • OSRAM Duris

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