SMARTLINK - smartlighting easy solved

Modern light management, centrally controlled can be complicated. For example, cable missing, the WLAN (Wi-Fi) does not work properly. Why should not each luminaire be given an intelligence?

SMARTLINK - smartlighting easy solved
SMARTLINK - smartlighting easy solved
SMARTLINK - smartlighting easy solved

According to HSi-Elektronik AG, the central intelligence of networked luminaires will not be decisive in the future, but the decentralized swarm-controlled luminaire intelligence will make the race. The hardware and software of HSi Elektronik AG for intelligent luminaires is showing how lighting is self-sufficient.

This technique is fully developed and can be offered on the market. Instead of an elaborate insulation solution with a central coordination unit, the HSi Elektronik AG concept offers exactly the other way of decentralization. HSi-Elektronik developed the decentralized process as a complete solution. Depending on the specific requirements of the room type, the luminaire can be precisely adjusted by the software and hardware components of HSi.

  • foyer
  • corridor
  • lounge
  • office space
  • industrial hall
  • warehouse
  • underground car park
  • staircase
  • throughway zone
  • schoolroom
  • automatic networking of luminaires with MESH technology
  • communication by radio or wire
  • circadiane light control
  • swarm technology
  • presence detector
  • motion detector
  • emergency lighting function
  • operation from DC central battery
  • adjustment of the brightness to the ambient light
  • night and orientation light
  • overdriving by external buttons, eg. For Facility Management
  • formation of light groups
  • recall of scenes
  • operation via APP
  • constant-lumen output control
Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions

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System Integrator

System Integrator

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  • DURISĀ® E5

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