ProxiDimmer LED driver

Small controller with proximity sensor for LED modules. Ideal for LED strips in aluminum extrision profiles and lamps.

ProxiDimmer LED driver
ProxiDimmer LED driver
ProxiDimmer LED driver

ProxiDimmer may change light intensity or switch on / off LED module by detecting proper movement.
Users doesn't need to direct touch driver or any part of lamp.
It is probably the best solution in its class.
Fast hand movement turn on / off LED modules and holding hand above sensor changes light intensity.
When modules is turned off and user is holding hand, ProxiDimmer will increace brightness from the lowest level.

Detection distance of movment is up to 50 mm and driver is working even under opal cover.
Operation voltage of driver is 8 - 28 V DC.
Maximal supply current is 2 A, 10 A available on special request.
Small size 35x10 mm allows to mount controller in profile.

  • Ideal for ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted luminaries
  • Kitchen countertop lighting
  • Mirror backlitght
  • Table lamp
  • Retrofits and fixtures
  • Accent and Effect Lighting
  • Professional downlights
  • LED profile
  • Simple installation
  • Small size
  • Light control without direct touch
  • Range of detection
Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions

LED Power suppliers/drivers

    • Osram SFH 4069
    • Cezos Proxi Dimmer

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