PR-79 XP Aluminium Heatsink

PR-79 XP is ideal for outdoor lighting. Changing the apparatus, it can be used as canopy, street lighting, tunnel lighting and projector. It can be extended to the desired size.

PR-79 XP Aluminium Heatsink
PR-79 XP Aluminium Heatsink

PR -79 XP is high capacity cooling and it has IP 67 protection. It can be extended up to 3 meters so, it is preferred by customers many applications. Material of heatsink and driver case is 6063 Aluminium-Anodized Aluminium profile. Material of side lid is Etial-150 Aluminium.Material of side lid for driver case is 2 mm stainless. material of cover (stand, side lid) is Aluminium Powder- Coated; RAL 9006. Gasket (under of glass, driver case and side lid) GE bayar silicones ,vulkanize, 40 shore-A. Projector stand material is 5 mm HRP electrostatic powder coating. PR stand dimensions are vary regarding with profile length.Screws are Cr-Ni. Glass is 5 mm tempered.

PR-79 XP Aluminium Heatsink
  • Flood lighting
  • street lighting
  • tunnel lighting
  • high capacity cooling
  • wide surface area
  • high efficacy
  • To create product with least component
Thermal Solutions

Thermal Solutions

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