M-Tube RGB High brightness // M-Tube High brightness (single colour)

Illumination Light Tubes with (RGB) High Brightness LED, especially designed for decorative colour requirements, such as architainment lighting as e.g. Bar, Shop but also vending machines and others…

M-Tube RGB High brightness // M-Tube High brightness (single colour)

This kind of application is a high brightness design which needs only two very effective OSRAM-LED’s and also a very effective system design regarding to optical-, thermal-, thermal interface- and electronically engineering. This complete design allows to drive the LED’s with high current and colours on costumers demand with high functionality. That means a PCB with best thermal conductivity, best thermal connection between LED and PCB and also between PCB and heat sink which is part of the light source housing and could also be used as a light reflector.

The electrically conductive adhesive CE 3103 WLV is used to connect the leads of the LED to the bond pads. The advantage of reflow soldering or hot bar soldering is that the electrically conductive adhesive will cure in a few minutes at low temperatures.
ECCOBOND E 3503-1 thermally conductive adhesive is used underneath the LED to dissipate the heat to the metal core PCB. Laird Technologies T-lam™ SS 1KA metal core PCB has a very low thermal resistance which is critical in removing heat from OSRAM OSTAR RGB LED allowing it to burn brighter, longer, and more uniformly. Laird’s metal core PCB has a copper circuit layer which is bonded to aluminium base plate with T-lam™ 1KA, 3 W/mºC dielectric. The material’s ability to absorb vibration and CTE mismatches allows the LED system to be used in variety of different environments.
The four channel Integrated Circuit (IC) STP04CM05 drives the RGGB OSRAM OSTAR Lighting LED with 300mA per LED.

Colour mixing is achieved changing the brightness of each colour by low frequency pulse width modulation (PWM) of the current. The PWM is generated by a small 8 bit microcontroller ST7Flite09 and transferred to the driver IC via a serial SPI interface. Different operating modes allow that colours and brightness can be adjusted manually or changed continuously. The complete solution to drive the OSRAM OSTAR LED in the M-tube is available as reference design STEVAL-ILL009V1/V5.
The M-Tube thermal management is realized by the use of a special extruded aluminium heatsink. Due to the thermal measuring and prototyping Fischer Elektronik developed a very compact effective solution which includes all requirements for optimal heat dissipation. The special heatsink geometry enabled the possibility to fix the plastic housing of the M-Tube directly to the cooling element. A less thermal resistance of the heatsink is achieved by using a special aluminium alloy with a high thermal conductivity of 210W/mK.

The benefit of this system is a side-illumination over a length up to 3 meters with a printed or lasered reflector line, which could be continuously or made like different illumination windows with same illumination angels or different ones depending on the corresponding light requirements and possible effects. The LLFY network partners have designed the corresponding single solutions which were completely combined to a high effective (RGB) LED illumination solution with high brightness lighting.

M-Tube RGB High brightness // M-Tube High brightness (single colour)
M-Tube RGB High brightness // M-Tube High brightness (single colour)

decorative colour requirements architainment lighting e.g. Bar, Shop, Presentation in windows….

  • vending machines
  • Money machines
  • Safety designs
    • Lines
    • exit-sign
  • Less current (function also with battery)
    • Less maintenance
  • Colour change
    • Light dimming
    • Less space for mounting
    • Different diameters
    • Different length
    • Different reflector size and- length
    • Solid or flexible tubes
Optical Solutions

Optical Solutions

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Thermal Solutions

Thermal Solutions

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Electronic Solutions

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  • T-lam metal core PCB from Laird Technologies
  • Electrically conductive and Eccobond thermal conductive adhesive between LED and PCB from Emerson & Cuming
  • Special extruded and anodised aluminium heatsink and also housing part from Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. Kg
  • Driver electronic for brightness- and colour changing from STMicroelectronics N.V .and from MENTOR GmbH & Co, Präzisions-Bauteile KG
  • Gap pad material used from Bergquist
  • Complete system design and manufacturer of M-Tubes: MENTOR GmbH & Co, Präzisions-Bauteile KG

Photo Credits:
Präzisions-Bauteile KG
Mr. Gerald Kroening

Project Credits:
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
Emerson & Cuming
Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. Kg
STMicroelectronics N.V.
MENTOR GmbH & Co, Präzisions-Bauteile KG
Laird Technologies