The LED Light for you partner Elec-Con technology GmbH from Passau, Germany, has developed a universal LED work light. The compact unit – a close cooperation with system customer Festool in Wendlingen – is unprecedented in terms of luminous efficacy and burn time. By combining six 3W LEDs from the Golden Dragon series, intelligent charging and control electronics and an Li-Ion supply, the complex project resulted in unique performance parameters as well as an innovative chassis technology.

The "SYSLITE" work light, produced by Festool, is commercially available. For more information, as well as an interactive product presentation, please visit our website.

The reflector, equipped with six Golden Dragon LEDs, is made of epoxy circuit board material. For better heat dissipation, it is glued directly to a bridge within the die-cast aluminum housing. The control electronics – mounted on the opposite side and also thermally coupled – consists of several interleaved high-efficiency DC-DC converters. Charging and discharging, as well as dimming, is done by a microcontroller. This component uses its integrated bus interface to read the electronic type plate of externally attachable accessory batteries of the tool manufacturer. In this way, the various types of rechargeable batteries can be discharged properly. The internal batteries, as well as any externally connected ones, are likewise protected from total discharge; charging the internal batteries from an externally connected source is also prevented. The smart control system ensures that only the supplied AC adapter or car charger can be used to recharge the built-in Li-Ion battery. The charge state is displayed by an additional, two-color LED located on the reflector.

The technical challenge in this project was to combine the extensive requirements as to design with those of light engineering – all in the given physical volume. The objective was to develop a highly miniaturized control electronics, along with a high-efficiency DC-DC converter, to match the reflector. In addition to the forward function, this control electronics has to manage and maintain the battery while ensuring maximum system efficiency according to the state of the art. The Elec-Con technology GmbH has successfully implemented this complex set of requirements. The result of this development is a highly reliable product that leaves nothing to be desired, neither by ambitious do-it-yourselfers nor by professionals.

  • Allows the demanding craftsman to precisely work through long-lasting, broadly diversified, homogeneous lighting on medium-sized areas
  • excellent light output thanks to six high-performance LEDs (Golden Dragon)
  • various battery charge options for the internal 7.2 V battery for maximum operational readiness
  • extremely wide scattering angle of 170°
  • long life and robust thanks to shatter-proof housing
  • compact design – can be flexibly positioned without cable hazards
  • insert any Festool battery pack for even longer operating life
Thermal Solutions

Thermal Solutions

Thermal management engineering

Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions

LED Power suppliers/drivers, Electronics and control engineering

  • 6 Golden Dragon LEDs 3W white

Project Credits:
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
Elec-Con technology GmbH
Festool, Wendlingen