LED luminaire XU-25

25 watt LED Lamp for indoor and outdoor applications. For a high reliability the construction is on ceramic, without optocouppler and without electrolytic capacitors. Power factor greater 0,9. The Lamp is available with different light colours and different beam angles.

The technical 25 watt LED luminaire is characterized by their high reliability and high efficiency. "Weak" components, such as optocouplers and electrolytic capacitors have been abandoned. In addition, the entire electronic system is built on ceramic, which is mainly used in military applications. To achieve a high luminous efficiency, electronics with an efficiency of >90%has been developed, while technical features like the power factor weren't neglected (>0,9).

To achieve different beam angles, Osram LEDs "Golden DRAGON Oval Plus" and "OSLON SSL 80°" were used. They also provide a high luminous efficiency of a total of 96 lm / watt. The XU25 is used in many applications, for example street lighting, where it's already used a lot.

LED luminaire XU-25
  • indoor
  • outdoor
  • streetlighting
  • high efficiency
  • high reliability
  • no optocouppler
  • no electrolytic capacitors
  • Power factor > 0,9
  • IP65
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Optical Solutions

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Electronic Solutions

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System Integrator

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  • Golden DRAGON oval Plus
  • OSLON SSL 80°

Photo Credits:
ELEKTRA, Reinstadler

Project Credits:
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

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