LED Channel Light for Supermarket Illumination

The LEDwise Channel Light (CH-1200) is a very efficient LED luminaire designed to replace flourescent lighting in supermarkets, or other applications where the mounting height is between 3 and 4m.

It is available in a 60 degree, 90 degree and speciality Aisle lens for illuminating the shelves.The CH-1200 produces 6500lumen from 51W.

Traditional supermaket illumination is mostly undertaken with fluorescent lighting. The CH-1200 can comfrotably replace this lighting using less elictricity and achieving the same or greater light levels. As an example the CH-1200 with a 60 degree beam angle can be used to replace a 1500mm long 80W linear fluorescent fitting. To achieve the same light level on the floor and on the shelves, the CH-1200 with a 60 dgere lens and a 4.2m mounting height needs 20% less fittings resulting in a 50% energy saving. Depending on electricity costs and house of use, the results ina break even anywhere between 2 and 3 years.

If the retailer is prepared to have a slightly lower light level on the floor (around 400lux) but keep the light level the same as with the fluorescent fitting, then one can use 30% less fittings with the CH-1200 resulting in a 55% energy saving. This brings the breakeven point even closer.

  • Supermarket
  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Storage rooms
  • Low energy use, 51W
  • High lumen output, 6500lumen
  • 3 light distributions - 60 degree, 90 degree and Aisle Beam from high quality manufacturer
  • High quality Osram LEDs
  • 5 year warranty on luminiare and LEd driver
System Integrator

System Integrator

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