ILS Petunia Development Kits

The ILK-PETUNIA-XXX development kits from Intelligent LED Solutions (ILS), are lighting kits designed for aiding the growth of seeds and plants. It includes all the necessary equipment to develop a uniform growing light for plants.

 ILS Petunia Development Kits
ILS Petunia Development Kits
ILS Petunia Development Kits

There are currently four Petunia options designed to enhance the growth of seeds and plants. The spectrum type, span, and intensity all play key roles in vegetative cultivation and overall plant health. Each Petunia light array has its own purpose and will benefit the development of growth depending on its output.

The Petunia development kits feature a 12 LED Petunia module from ILS. This LED array consists of LEDs from the OSLON SSL series by OSRAM Opto Semiconductors. The LEDs come in a range of colours to suit various plant related applications.

The ILK-PETUNIA-XXX kits also include the Petunia Lens by LEDiL which is designed specifically to work with the Petunia LED array and OSLON SSL series LEDs.

The Petunia utilises Osram‘s targeted spectra to increase chlorophyll absorption and photosynthesis in plants. Our kits for general, vegetative and seedling growth are a great introduction into the world of LED horticulture.

The ILK-PETUNIA-XXX Development Kits contains:

  • 1 x Heat Sink
  • 4 x M2.5 Screws
  • 1 x Petunia LED array

  • 1 x Heat sink adaptor plate
  • 1 x LEDiL Petunia Lens 28°
  • 2 x Ring spacers
  • 1 x Top cap
  • 1 x Constant Current Driver - 350mA 17W
  • 1 x Thermal Interface Material
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • All products are available through RS Components and the relevant part options and RS Part numbers are indicated below:-

  • 12 OSLON SSL General Purpose LEDs. 5 Hyper Red, 1 Deep Blue, 6 Warm White kit. This kit is wired in Series but each colour can be controlled separately (you will need 2 further drivers to do this)
  • RS Part Number: 875-0037

  • 12 OSLON SSL General Purpose LEDs. 5 Hyper Red 1 Deep Blue 6 Warm White kit.
  • (series only)
  • RS Part Number: 920-9451‘
  • 12 OSLON SSL 80 Petunia High Efficiency LEDs. 9 Hyper Red 3 Deep Blue kit.
  • The highest efficacy of umol/J from the spectrum can be achieved by using a greater quantity of 660nm Red LEDs combined with a lesser quantity 450nm Blue LEDs to maintain a reasonable ratio between wavelengths.
  • RS Part Number: 920-9455

  • 12 OSLON SSL 80 Petunia Vegetable Growth LEDs. 6 Hyper Red 6 Deep Blue kit.
  • RS Part Number: 920-9464
  • Especially designed for the growth of leafy green vegetable plants. This vegetative growth ratio is used to achieve fastest growth where visible assessment of plant health is not important.

  • 12 OSLON SSL 80 Petunia Seedling Growth LEDs. 3 Hyper Red 9 Deep Blue kit.
  • RS Part Number: 920-9467
  • A high blue content in the spectrum is used for the growth of seedlings.
  • Plant Growth
  • Seed Germination
  • Greenhouses
  • Florist Shops
  • Exhibitions

Note: Petunia kits are designed for developmental purposes, and are not IP rated.

  • Long life time
  • Comprehensive kit of parts
  • Plug and play
  • 5 options available
  • Great for product development
  • LED array/Ledil Lens/LED Driver all available separately
  • Will not rust in high humidity environments
  • Small form factor
  • High efficiency

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Thermal Solutions

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System Integrator

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  • OSLON SSL 80 Deep Blue - LDCQ7P
  • OSLON SSL 80 Hyper Red - LHCP7P
  • OSLON SSL 150 Warm White (3000k) - LCWCRDP
  • Ledil Petunia Lens

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