GAGGIONE LLL15x7 Silicon Linear Collimators

LLL15x7 is an innovative silicon based linear collimator product range. It has been designed to fit both wall washing applications and general lighting purposes.

Including options for narrow or asymmetrical beam, it works perfectly with 3030 white LEDs such as OSRAM Duris S5, but will also provide great homogeneity when mixing colours with RGB LEDs.

GAGGIONE LLL15x7 Silicon Linear Collimators
GAGGIONE LLL15x7 Silicon Linear Collimators

Based on the significant Gaggione's know-how in both optical design and silicon injection, LLL15x7 is a TIR technology based product range. In a linear 150mm long and 22mm wide form factor, the product range consists of two references : LLL15N7 will provide a narrow beam with shap cut-off among the optics axis. It will fit most of architectural needs providing a tight beam along a strip of light. LLL15A7 is an innovative asymmetrical optical beam design allowing state of the art wall washing with unbeated homogeneity. The asymmetrical characteristic of the beam allows a perfect wall lighting render without any glare from the viewer position. Both collimators benefit from silicon advantages, including high temperature compatibility, UV light compatibility and strong environmental resistance for outdoor applications.

GAGGIONE LLL15x7 Silicon Linear Collimators
  • Architecutral lighting
  • Wall washing
  • UV curing applications
  • Both narrow and asymetrical available within the same form factor.
  • Great wall coverage without any glare using LLL15A7 asymmetrical version.
  • Silicon robustness and life time in severe envrionment conditions.
  • Great color mixing capability
Optical Solutions

Optical Solutions

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Application Photos:
LLL15A7 Asymmetrical linear collimator
LLL15N7 Narrow light distribution with 1mm² LED
LLL15A7 Wall coverage without glare

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