AC LED solution - 3400lm - 230V / 110V Duris S8 with tuneable white

Featuring a dual-module design, with two independent lighting modules. The two separate AC power inputs allow variations in dimming and light control.

It is now possible to provide two color temperatures from a single light fixture, depending on the time of the day, mood setting, etc. Installing two different colors of LEDs allows illuminating with different colors, dimming them as required. Featuring the Direct-to-AC connection, there is no need in a bulky power supply.

Simply plug it into an outlet and enjoy the light. The Direct-to-Heatsink feature installs the LEDs directly on the heatsink, bypassing the PCB, thermal paste and reducing the assembly time considerably, while improving the thermal characteristics.

  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • General Lighting
  • Light Engine
  • 230V / 110V direct to AC design
  • 3400 lm
  • 34W
  • tuneable white
  • IP67/68
  • dimmable
Thermal Solutions

Thermal Solutions

Thermal management engineering, Heatsink engineering and manufacturing, Thermal management substrates

Electronic Solutions

Electronic Solutions

LED Power suppliers/drivers, Electronic and Controls Engineering, Electronics manufacturing services

System Integrator

System Integrator

Project consulting / LED solutions, LED modules

  • Duris S8 LED
  • Ceramic Heatsink
  • Supertex
  • TI AC driver

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