UNICEF Snowflake

UNICEF Snowflake
Specifications: New York, 2004. Ornament made of stainless steel, light and more than ten thousand crystals by Ingo Maurer.
Contractor:United States Fund für UNICEF
Lighting Design and Planning:Ingo Maurer, Munich

On November 18, a glittering new decoration was installed above Fifth Avenue in New York, a superb structure made of stainless steel with LEDs and more than ten thousand sparkling crystals.
Lighting designer Ingo Maurer was invited by the United States Fund to design the new UNICEF snowflake. The result is a fantastic sculpture in light, suspended 80 feet in the air.

Among other things, Ingo Maurer used 300 flashing high-power LED modules with integrated controllers from feno.

Picture Credits:
feno GmbH