Tróia Design Hotel

Tróia Design Hotel
Tróia Design Hotel
Tróia Design Hotel
Specifications: The main feature of this project is the hotel's undulating facade that communicates with the
other side of the river using an innovative lighting system developed by Arquiled.
Arquiled's aim was to represent several images in a abstract way color and it was possible
to reproduce about 3 billions of colours.
LEDs were also used in the interior of the hotel, so there are a huge energy savings.

As far as facade is concerned, the equipment was developed and personalized using about 900mt. of Arquiline RGB1 with 56000 LEDs SMD Power TOPLED by OSRAM.

In the interior of the hotel it was used about 4000 Arquispot 6 from Arquiled with 7,2 W each one. LEDs are used in 90% of the hotel lighting.

Hotel Facade
Interior - Rooms

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