Private Villa Istria Inland

Project Credits:
FILIX LED Lighting
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
Dear Skira associates Dean Matika and Godvin Poropat

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Outdoor illumination of pool area on the Villa property with benefit of indirect lighting providing dramatic light output and pleasant evening and night environment.

Private Villa Istria Inland
Private Villa Istria Inland
Private Villa Istria Inland
Private Villa Istria Inland

New building structured in traditional way being built in stonewalls and stone pavement. ISTRA Inland is recognized by its building structures in the rural areas that bring a spirit of oldness in the same time being modern and highly appreciated by tourists and foreign visitors. The house implements all new technology equipment and intelligent systems that control heating, cooling, pool electronics, shades, curtains and as well lighting. When considering outdoor lighting principle it was important to ensure privacy during private use, with lights that enable dimming possibilities in order to enjoy long summer nights around the pool area by bringing out the old spirits and taking the owners back in time.

Higher output light was important during parties and gatherings, which will enable higher visibility and more light during the gathering. Warm light color was chosen to work with the natural stone colors with optics that enabled the beam that could emphasize stone structure and details.

Floor – wall washing, Stone bench – wall washing

Light control, Beam angle option, fixture size, no visible fixtures or installations

Picture Credits:
Drazen Cvijanovic