Project Credits:
FILIX LED Lighting
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors
Dear Skira associates Dean Matika and Godvin Poropat

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The project New Spa was created as a kind of confrontation of different ideas and perceptions by people I invited on this project that lasted for two years. Desire was to create a ship and at the same time, not to allude to the Titanic of LE Corbusier. A ship run aground in a Vinodlo Cove.

It should become a refuge for people shipwrecked by stress, trying to find peace and save moment of time.

Novi Spa, Novi Vinodolski
Novi Spa, Novi Vinodolski
Novi Spa, Novi Vinodolski

Walking through a 100m long tunnel after a massage or swim in the pool was not intended to be and adventure. This structure was necessary after renovation of 5 star hotel and addition of the new 10.000m2 wellness center and spa. Warm connecting tunnels were necessary since the distance was quite long and winter winds can blow up to 150km/h. Many ideas came up in the process of designing this space, hanging pictures or sculptures so the guests would look at the art work while walking through. A simple idea was developed to break up this corridors with lines of dynamic light.

Every line was integrated within the walls and ceiling and each one is different from the next. The light is continuously breathing and some of the lines change color randomly. This way the scene is never the same as you walk the corridors light is dynamically following your steps in gentle movement and chromatic change.

Picture Credits:
Sandro Lendler