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Let there be light – with EBV Elektronik

With LEDs, lighting designers benefit from a new-found freedom, as LEDs enable them to realise a new world of lighting.

Having spotted the enormous potential of LED technology for applications in lighting technology, EBV Elektronik has set up a special Lighting Competence Team exclusively for the use of LED technology in lighting applications. This "LightSpeed" team knows every detail of the semiconductor market and technologies, has access to Osram Opto Semiconductors LEDs, LED power supply manufactures, and benefits from a strong external partner network.

While ready-made LED lighting systems can be assembled by every experienced electrical installer, developers and manufacturers of LED lights need the technical support of electronic specialists, and this electronics and system knowledge will now be supported by the lighting experts of EBV Elektronik.

EBV Elektronik gives helpful advice to lighting manufacturers looking for an external partner, such as a firm of engineering consultants, to develop the control electronics for an LED lighting system. However, EBV Elektronik itself sells only ‘naked’ LEDs and other electronic components, while the system integrators of EBV’s partner network take care of the relevant value creation.

“With 41 years of electronics experience and annual sales of about EUR 1.5 billion, EBV knows the market inside out. EBV’s new LightSpeed team utilises this knowledge to enable the creation of innovative lighting solutions.”

More information you can find on our homepage www.ebv.com/lightspeed or email us