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Henkel is a worldwide leader in thermal management technology.

Innovation, performance and customer satisfaction are Henkel`s guiding principles. Today, our Bergquist brand of thermal solutions supply the world with some of the best-known brands in the business: SIL PAD thermally conductive interface materials, GAP PAD electrically insulating and non-insulating gap fillers, and TCLAD insulated metal substrates.

Our TCLAD substrates minimize thermal impedance and conduct heat more effectively and efficiently than standard PWB`s. Henkel has developed substrates which are more mechanically robust than thick-film ceramics and direct bond copper constructions that are often used in LED applications. From its technically advanced, ISO Certified facility, Henkel offers both un-etched panels as well as customised circuits.

In high-brightness LED applications, light output and long life are directly attributable to how well the LEDs are thermally managed. Because TCLAD is a metal based material, it can be configured for special shapes, bends and thicknesses, thus allowing the designer to put high-brightness LED lamps in virtually any application. Benefits include low operating temperatures and maximum brightness, colour and life.