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Solutions: Electronic Solutions / System Integrator
Special Subjects: Electronic and Controls Engineering / LED Power suppliers/drivers / System Integrator - Architectual projects / System Integrator - LED solutions
Business Volume: small / medium

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Tobias Hofer
Wilerstrasse 73
9200 Gossau
Tel: +41 71 845 65 65
Fax: +41 71 388 30 21

• Custom luminary design and production
• Custom LED modules
• Electronics and software solutions for the lighting industry
We are developing and producing for our customers in the lighting industry, architecture and lighting design, customized lighting technology solutions. All products are made in Switzerland.
We are developing the products with our customer from the early prototype stage to the final product. Astra-LED is capable to produce and assemble the products direct in house.
As a supplier for the lighting industry we are developing and producing high quality LED modules. We are able to realize customized solution for retrofits solutions, or for complex illumination requirements. With our own SMD production line, we can produce the LED modules in time in high quality. This is possible for prototypes as well as for series up to thousands.
Our own electronic development department with 4 engineers is capable to develop customized hardware and software solutions. These includes for example:
• Swarm technology
• Intelligent luminaries
• Led drivers and power supplies
• Bluetooth low energy solutions
• EnOcean solutions
Based on our cooperation with Electrosuisse we have the necessary equipment and expertise to perform EMC test according to all common standards.
We can count well-known companies from the lighting industry, architects and lighting designer to our customers. We are looking forward to you.