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Solutions: Thermal Solutions
Special Subjects: Thermal management substrates
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Stefan Hoerth
KSG Austria GmbH
Zitternberg 100
3571 Gars am Kamp
Tel: +43 298 521 419 620

KSG is an exclusively European manufacturer of high quality printed circuit boards which includes the printed circuit board plant of the KSG GmbH in Gornsdorf, Saxony, and the printed circuit board plant of the former Haeusermann GmbH, Gars am Kamp in Lower Austria. Haeusermann was acquired by KSG in 2017 and has been trading under the name KSG Austria GmbH since November 2018.

KSG specializes in the production of high quality printed circuit boards. Besides proven technologies like through-hole plated, multilayer, HDI, and rigid-flexible PCBs, KSG focuses also on advanced copper based LED-PCB technologies like „HSMtec“ *) and „copper IMS“.
Services and support throughout the whole development process are offered by KSG’s Competence Center team for LED lighting, reaching from thermal design and measurements to the population and processing of boards via partners.

*) HSMtec
HSMtec offers outstanding functionalities for a wide range of LED applications. Through the partial integration oft hick copper into FR4 boards it enables optimal thermal performance for standard up to Ultra-High-Brightness LEDs and arrays as well as the combination of intelligent light management electronics and thermal management on a single board. Moreover sophisticated luminaire design and flexible optical orientation of LEDs can be achieved by selfsupporting 3-dimensional printed circuit board structures.