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Lighting Innovation Group AG

Solutions: Optical Solutions / Thermal Solutions / Electronic Solutions / System Integrator
Special Subjects: Optical engineering / Thermal management engineering / Electronic and Controls Engineering / System Integrator - Architectual projects
Business Volume: small

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Sabine Knipp
Lighting Innovation Group AG
M├╝hlentalstrasse 65A
8200 Schaffhausen
Tel: +41 525 571 500
Fax: +41 525 571 549

Since 1998 the Lighting Innovation Group AG has been your competent partner in all subjects regarding lighting solutions and associated research & development. An innovative and creative realisation of your vision is the aim of our team of six engineering specialists.

Our service portfolio consists of two ranges:
Product development with architectural LED, as well as research & development projects with the focus on light technology, construction, prototype construction and electronics development. We make your visions become reality.

Services for product development:
Photometric development and simulations (Ray Tracing)
Electronics development
CAD Construction
Assembly of samples
Measuring technique
Architectural Lighting Solutions