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Solutions: Optical Solutions
Special Subjects: Optical manufacturing
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Yukiko Hikosaka
2-30 Shinyutaka-Machi
442-0012 Aichi
Tel: +81 533 85 2450
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TOYOTEC is an opto-mechatronics engineering company with state of the art optics, mechanics, and electronics technologies over 60 years of experience.
We have integrated system of production from optical design, tool design, tool production, parts production, and assembly to meet a wide variety of customer’s demands both domestic and abroad in the major field such as digital camera, business machine, projector etc. as an expert company with unique technology.

TOYOTEC efforts and record for LED illumination field
We use design software for illumination “Light Tool” with our know how of optical design and provide lens design considering best brightness, distribution of light volume and its feature simulation. Tool production and plastic molding is in house operation to reflect design data more precisely. We understand characteristic of LED and use our technology for lens production which we have built from major field to meet variety of customers needs of application more accurately.
*Record of application of our LED lens
・Spotlight for house (generic illumination) Lens for light distribution 10, 30, 40 degree
・Light guide plate (copy machine, car)