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Solutions: Electronic Solutions
Special Subjects: Electronic and Controls Engineering / LED Power suppliers/drivers
Business Volume: small / medium

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Bettina Hoffmann
Schiederwerk GmbH
90451 N├╝rnberg
Tel: +49 911 96 36 930
Fax: +49 911 96 36 999

Schiederwerk was founded in 1919. Lean management, the right feeling for new products and close integration of sales, development and production assure success in the global market place. We are specialized in products like Electronic ballasts and ignitors for Metal Halide lamps and LED drives for Power LEDs.

We work closely with our customers in specifying the product requirements. We combine our ballasts for lamps or Power LEDs with customized power supplies and integrate them in systems for the end applications of our customers.

SCHIEDERWERK developed several types of LED drives: devices in DC and AC design, multi-channel devices, devices with and without dimming function, housing devices or open PCB versions. These are available by default.

Please send us your specification. We also provide customized modifications.