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Rayben Technologies (Zhuhai) Ltd.

Solutions: Thermal Solutions / System Integrator
Special Subjects: Thermal management substrates / System Integrator - Architectual projects
Business Volume: medium / high

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Faye Lee
No.8, XiPu Road, Xinqing Industrial Park, Doumen
519180 Zhuhai
Tel: +86 137 500 016 60
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Homan Tang
Allee 35
33161 Hövelhof
Tel: +49 176 316 885 31

Rayben is an innovation-driven provider of thermal solution for PCBs and substrates, founded in 1992 and have factories in Zhuhai, South China.
Rayben`s substrate technologies value proposition:
Lower LED junction temperature thought optimal heat transfer
Improve luminous densities
Increase LED life expectancy
Lower system cost of ownership due to smaller footprint and heat sink
Rayben LED Lighting Business Unit can support full range of FR4 PCB, thermal CEM3 PCB for low-power(<1W) applications; MCPCB, the patented LED substrates, special structure like Copper pedestal MCPCB and Composite material such as Copper inlay into FR4 and Ceramic inlay into FR4 for high-power applications;
Focus on high-growth verticals such as dielectric films applied on MCPCB as well as chip-on-board (COB) substrates.
Launch own product series, namely 301, 601 and 901, answering 3 key challenges in LED application:

Rayben solution is to substantially enhance control of the LED junction temperature on the interface with PCB substrate.
As a UL certified company with RoHS compliance, Rayben has passed the ISO/TS-16949 and ISO-14001 certification, and the high quality of product & service ensures the customers satisfaction.
Following application and experiences are the great honor for Rayben to support the LED lighting market:
Automotive headlamps
Automotive interior and exterior application
Solid State Lighting for all low power and high power lighting applications