System Integrator


Solutions: System Integrator
Special Subjects: System Integrator - LED solutions
Business Volume: small / medium

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Alexandre Soulier
10 avenue du champ de mars
Batiment no 7 - Eole, ZI Plaisance
11100 Narbonne
Tel: +33 468 271 043
Fax: +33 955 977 281

The ambition of MEODEX is to provide its Customers with its expertise and know-how in LED light technologies in order to accelerate the development of their products. By specializing in the design and production of LED modules, we provide our Customers with a full range of services that enable them to successfully meet the challenges of LED light technologies.
Our Design office and manufacturing facilities, located in France, are our two strategic strengths and assets that allow us to ensure the best quality and offer the highest responsiveness to specific requests.