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Krobox accumulated experiences and expertise in driving LED, especially with deep and smooth dimming since the R&D from 2008, with first LED driver that compatible to C-bus leading/trailing edge dimming system. Krobox’s team of enthusiast engineers had been going through 8 years progress of LED driving technology, and has driven the innovation to provide reliable and well performed LED driver to the professional lighting market through international corporation partners.

Krobox continuous progress in LED driving technology has produced LED driver nowadays with wider dimming range of 0.1% to 100%, with advance dimming features for smoother dim-to-off with no “pop” effect, and has been offering multiple dimming protocol including DALI, analog method of 0/1-10V and phase leading/trailing edge dimmers, all within one platform. These “all-in-one” dimming technologies with programmable power truly make Krobox’s LED driver selections one of the most versatile in the market.

Our R45 is the 45mm diameter round series packed with all the wonders, configurable from 5 to 10 watts. While our L150 is the 150mm elongated series configurable from 6 to 15 watts. Both support Krobox’s unique auxiliary board to change to single channel to tuneable white or warm dimming with two channels LEDs.