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Solutions: Electronic Solutions / System Integrator
Special Subjects: LED Power suppliers/drivers
Business Volume: small

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Egon Reinstadler
Handwerkerzone 27 Zona Artigianale
39052 Kaltern Caldaro
Tel: +39 0471 962255
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The innovative and technology-oriented company focuses primarily on the development and construction of power supply systems with a capacity of up to 250 watts. Today’s product range comprises 4 main lines:

• DC/DC converters
• Switching regulators
• DC/DC converters for LED application
• AC/DC converters for LED application

as well as a large variety of special products tailored to specific customer requirements. Close cooperation with our clients has transformed us into a reliable supplier for multi-corporate enterprises in the electronic industry with a high international reputation. Due to the favorable geographic location, our activities have been able to cater to all European countries. Since 1994, DC/DC converters are setup as high technology hybrids. Development, production and test are all united under one roof. Modern production facilities - from the layout to the packaging - guarantee quality and flexibility. By omitting traditional resistors, as well as processing semiconductor chips without housings and introducing hybrid technology we have been able to realize power hybrid circuits with a high packaging and performance density. Quality assurance is supported by PC systems and test software in line with ultra-modern international guidelines. All equipment is subject to a burn-in test and tested according to customer specifications. The parameter test is logged on a test report and made available to the customer at special request.