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Solutions: Thermal Solutions
Special Subjects: Thermal management substrates
Business Volume: small / medium / high

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Jonathan Hutchings
Tamworth Road
SG13 7DJ Hertford
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 199 251 4200
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Headquartered in the UK, DK Thermal Solutions is a global leader in the field of thermally managed PCBs. Established in 1963, Daleba Electronics formed DK Thermal Solutions as a separate entity in 2007 to focus solely on Thermal PCB solutions. DK Thermal now has sales operations in Europe, USA and Asia.

DK Thermal Solutions is the leading independent authority on metal based circuits in Europe. We have made Thermal PCBs both our specialisation and our passion.

We offer:

  • Scaleable solutions
    From just a few panels to thousands of panels per month... same company, same contacts, same service.
  • Rapid reaction
    Through local technical capability, our own manufacture, a wide range of material in stock and a FASTRACK manufacturing channel
  • Highest Quality levels
    Because of our dedication to Thermal PCBs, our processes are optimised for metal substrate boards and nothing else.
  • Efficient manufacture
    Through specialised manufacturing techniques we produce more accurate circuit boards and better than average yields
  • Unique Independent Status
    Enables us to give truly impartial advice and solutions built on experience with many thermal laminates

LED Lighting is a field where we have particular expertise. For more information visit DK Thermal Solutions' website at