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Solutions: Thermal Solutions / Electronic Solutions / System Integrator
Special Subjects: Thermal management engineering / Thermal management substrates / Electronic and Controls Engineering / Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) / System Integrator - LED solutions
Business Volume: small / medium / high

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André Todt
Asetronics AG
Freiburgstrasse 251
3018 Berne
Tel: +41 31 329 3111
Fax: +41 31 329 31 99

Asetronics AG is the European leader in the development, manufacture, assembly and testing of optoelectronic LED subsystems and optoelectronic LED products in the general lighting, automotive and medical sectors.
The basis for a successful product is established during the development stage. Asetronics` engineers possess the necessary expertise to be able to develop and manufacture the functionality that the customer requires with the optimum technology for the purpose at a competitive price.

Our own internal IMS production enables us to employ complex technologies (rigid, flexible, multi-layer) with the correct heat management (material selection) in the shortest possible lead-times.
Assembly is performed either as housed component or as open chip (access to the complete product lines of leading chip manufacturers) with COB technology using leading-edge equipment. Final assembly into finished products/systems is performed in product-specific manufacturing cells with integrated customer-specific testing.

Customers can choose whether the entire service (development and production) should be performed in accordance with ISO 9001:2002, ISO/TS 16949:2002, ISO 13485: 2003 or in accordance with UL approval E148971 and E321905.

Asetronics will not just provide you with the entire service from a single source but from one single production process. As a customer, you will benefit from short lead times, market-driven prices, leading-edge technology and all this from one partner.