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Aluwave AB

Solutions: Thermal Solutions / Electronic Solutions / System Integrator
Special Subjects: Thermal management engineering / Thermal management substrates / Electronic and Controls Engineering / Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) / System Integrator - LED solutions
Business Volume: medium

Contact EU
CEO Jonas Stalhandske
Bergfotsgatan 9
SE-431 35 Molndal
Tel: +46 31 87 88 07

Aluwave is a fast-growing company based in Sweden that provides customized LED-modules and fixtures to the lighting industry thanks to its extensive design library and in-house production, both in Sweden and in China. The success of the company is a result of its background in cooling of electronics. We know the importance of thermal management and how it affects the performance in terms of energy efficiency, luminous flux and lifetime.
We understand that every user and every application is unique. In close dialogue with our customers, we analyze the need of light in a specific application. Thanks to our experience and continuous cooperation with market leading manufacturers of components and optics, we design and produce the LED solution needed for an optimal lighting experience.

Aluwave provides a complete range of tailored products and services; from design and prototypes to full scale production of LED modules and LED lighting systems. Our LED solutions target the market of General lighting, Street lighting, Vehicle lighting and Technical lighting.