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AT&S, Austria Technologie & Systemtechnik AG


Solutions: Thermal Solutions / Electronic Solutions
Special Subjects: Thermal management substrates / Electronic and Controls Engineering / Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
Business Volume: small / medium / high

Contact EU
Ferdinand Lutschounig
Site Fehring Industriepark 4
8350 Fehring
Tel: +43 3155 500 5354
Fax: +43 3155 500 15354

AT&S is market leader in Europe and among the world’s largest and technically most advanced producers of printed circuit boards. AT&S operates successfully in industrial and medical technologies as well as in the telecommunication and automobile industry since more than 20 years with technologies from single sided up to HDI printed circuit boards.
As an internationally growing company, AT&S is globally prominent with its three production locations in Austria and factories in India, China and Korea. Furthermore AT&S maintains a sales, service and design centre in Nörvenich, Germany, as well as a number of sales offices, amongst others in Japan and the United States.