LEDs in Healthcare

LEDs in Healthcare

LED prove their versatility particularly in the healthcare sector. Colored light, for example, has a calming effect on patients; dynamically changing light provides

the human organism with activating impetus. This is why hospitals and medical practices are increasingly making use of the powerful “mini lights” for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

LED Light for the Benefit of All

  • Colored LED light simplifies examinations such as the evaluation of certain types of skin and wounds
  • LEDs can easily be integrated with electronic light management systems; physicians can call up preset lighting situations for their examination; sensors adjust the light in patient rooms or hallways depending on the daylight conditions

  • The directional LED light can be "aimed" at the area to be examined, making it ideal for examination lamps and surgical lights
  • LED light protects skin and tissue and does not emit UV light or infrared radiation

Efficiency factor LED

Thanks to their high luminous efficacy, LEDs save energy and thus reduce costs. Switching over to the light-emitting diode pays off – especially for hospitals, whose energy consumption is particularly high because of their 24-hour operation.349960