LEDs for Street Lighting

Towns and cities are increasingly switching over to energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. This development is driven by the EU with their strict policies on saving energy. Another reason is the bad budgetary situation of many local authorities, which forces them to cut costs.

The positive side effect: Innovative LED lamps help to make streets safer, and towns and cities more attractive, for example with beautifully lit pedestrian zones or illuminated facades and bridges.

LEDs are no Dazzlers

LEDs are tops in terms of performance and quality. They combine energy efficiency and sophisticated lighting design. These features make LEDs the choice solution for energy-saving street lighting. LEDs offer further benefits for municipal lighting:

  • They allow precise illumination control, thus preventing losses from light scattering
  • LEDs are easy to control electronically; street lights, for example, can be activated automatically whenever a pedestrian or car approaches
  • Thanks to the small structural shape, LEDs can be mounted directly to the facade; this saves energy and reduces light emission while the colored light opens up numerous design possibilities
  • Light-emitting diodes do not attract insects
  • LED lights are available in warm white and cold white; they are suited for lighting old town lanes as well as modern highways
  • LEDs are not sensitive to the cold
  • LEDs offer high luminous efficacy and long service life, thus saving energy and reducing maintenance costs