LEDs for Industrial Purposes

LEDs for Industrial Purposes

Light takes on all kinds of tasks in industry and trade. It prevents accidents when working with machines or in production lines and makes precise work possible.

LEDs thus make a valuable contribution to safety and quality. And that’s not all: The robust, high-quality lighting solutions are reliable even under extreme production conditions.

LEDs on the Rise

Whether factories, production lines or logistics - LEDs are making their way into many areas. There are various reasons for this:

  • Their intense, point-shaped light makes them ideal for compact machine lights
  • LEDs do not emit any heat, preventing cooling and lubricants from burning in
  • They can easily take shock and vibrations, holding their own even under harsh production conditions
  • LEDs offer a full color range from warm white to daylight white, making dynamically changing light moods possible
  • Light-emitting diodes ideally combine high efficiency and low maintenance
  • Electronic light management systems can adjust or turn off LEDs depending on the daylight; an efficient solution for little-used rooms such as warehouses

LEDs are no Dazzlers

Blinding lights are a nuisance at work, often even a security risk. Not so with LEDs. They are characterized by excellent anti-glare features. Among other things, this is made possible by diffusers. They distribute the LED’s directly radiating light across a wide surface.