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Optical engineering
A company offering development services of optics components for a contract fee. May also provide volume production with optics development fees amortized across piece part price.

Optical manufacturing
A company that produces optics components in volume for customers.

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Optical Solutions

opsira GmbH

Solutions: Optical Solutions
Special Subjects: Optical engineering
Business Volume: small / medium / high
opsira GmbHopsira GmbHopsira GmbH

Contact EU
Volker Schumacher
Leibnizstrasse 20
88250 Weingarten
Tel: +49 751 561890
Fax: +49 751 561 899

opsira GmbH is active in 3 fields of optical system technologies:

Development of illumination and optical systems:
We develop illumination and optical systems for industries as diverse as general lighting technologies, medical technology, automobiles, sensors and others. We execute engineering projects of optical systems from concept to production stage by using the most efficient and state-of-the-art simulation tools. Our development is based on measurements carried out in our own light measurement laboratories.

Optical Measurement services:
In our laboratories we perform measurements of optical parameters for:
  • Materials: scatter behavior (BSDF) spectral characteristics, reflection and transmission
  • Light sources: near field measurement for creating raysets for optical simulation spectral emission
  • Optical systems: verification of complete systems including test reports measurement of luminance, illumination and luminous intensity

Light measurement systems:
For the use in laboratories and in production lines we deliver measurement systems:
  • CCD camera based luminance and illumination measurement system
  • Complete test stands for luminaires
  • Near filed goniometer for light source measurement
  • Spectrometer for measuring of emission, transmission and reflection characteristics
  • BSDF measurement systems
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