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Optical engineering
A company offering development services of optics components for a contract fee. May also provide volume production with optics development fees amortized across piece part price.

Optical manufacturing
A company that produces optics components in volume for customers.

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Optical Solutions

Khatod Optoelectronic Srl

Solutions: Optical Solutions
Special Subjects: Optical manufacturing / Optical engineering
Business Volume: medium / high
Khatod Optoelectronic SrlKhatod Optoelectronic SrlKhatod Optoelectronic Srl

Contact EU
Giuseppe Vasta
Khatod Optoelectronic Srl
Via Monfalcone, 41
20092 Cinisello Balsamo (Mi)
Tel: +39 02 660 13 695
Fax: +39 02 660 13 500

In business since 1985, Khatod has been pioneering some of the most innovative applications in LED technology. Our expertise has caused us to improve our problem-solving capability to manufacture products that answer the industry needs. NJC Technology™ (No Joint Construction) is just one of the highest results achieved by Khatod: it guarantees a perfect coupling between lens and LED making the collimator obsolete.

The series of lenses created for Golden Dragon LEDs offer a complete range of products, from single lenses to the ones of last generation:
  • Single Lenses (MR11standard): Wherever a lighting system with high performances and uniformity is required.
  • Triple Mono Block Lenses (MR16 standard): For applications in indoor and outdoor technical lighting.
  • Mini Triple Lenses ( MR11standard): For applications where diameter and depth are very small.
  • Quad Lenses (MR16 standard): Excellent performances and high thermal stability.
  • Thetalens (AR111 standard): An innovative coupling system between lens and LED by hot riveting the pegs directly to the PCB. The cover colour can be customized to meet the product aesthetic requirements.
  • New Triple Lens PL352XXRV Series (MR16 standard): High optical performance and perfect fitting by self-tapping screws. It allows an excellent heat dispersion.

Khatod’s main focus is to offer high quality products and to manage the specific requirements coming from the optoelectronic industry.
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