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LED Power suppliers/drivers
A company providing a circuit to drive or control LEDs. The circuit could be a self contained ready to use device, or a sub circuit board designed to be installed in a secondary housing.

Electronics & control engineering
A company offering electronic driver design services or electronic control design services. Normally done for a contract fee, but sometimes offered by an electronics assembler and the fee is amortized over the piece price.

Electronics manufacturing services
A company offering electronics assembly services for a contract fee. (I.E. electronics parts soldered or glued to a circuit board or other substrate)

LED driver ICs
A company specializing in the manufacture of integrated circuits designed specifically for driving LEDs and controlling them.

System Integrator - Architectual projects
A company offering services and consulting for light design in general lighting (e.g. architectural lighting, interior lighting etc.)

System Integrator - LED solutions
A company offering services and consulting for light design in LED applications (e.g. luminairs etc.)

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Offering supportive products and services for realizing an LED lighting project.

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System IntegratorElectronic Solutions

Intelligent LED Solutions [division of IDS Ltd]

Solutions: Electronic Solutions / System Integrator
Special Subjects: Electronic and Controls Engineering / Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) / System Integrator - LED solutions
Business Volume: small / medium / high
Intelligent LED Solutions [division of IDS Ltd]Intelligent LED Solutions [division of IDS Ltd]Intelligent LED Solutions [division of IDS Ltd]

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James Prietzel
Unit 2,Berkshire Business Centre, Berkshire Drive
RG19 4EW Thatcham, Berkshire
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1635 294606
Fax: +44 (0)1635 869200

ILS (Intelligent LED Solutions), a leading solutions provider and distributor, connects you to the best technical and commercial expertise in the LED marketplace. We draw on world leading quality LEDs from Osram Opto Semiconductors and combine them with other quality components, materials and services to provide the LED solution you want. ILS has the expertise and experience to develop, design, manufacture and supply solid state lighting assemblies. LED light engines, LED light sources, etc to meet your requirements. Please think about using ILS core competences to your advantage:
• Application support
• Proof of principle or design
• Driver and power supply design
• Electronic command and control
• Thermal design
• Optical characterisation and specification
• Fast prototype delivery and proving
• Cost effective production to match the end market
• Logistics and commercial support
• Quality, certification, approvals
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