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LED Power suppliers/drivers
A company providing a circuit to drive or control LEDs. The circuit could be a self contained ready to use device, or a sub circuit board designed to be installed in a secondary housing.

Electronics & control engineering
A company offering electronic driver design services or electronic control design services. Normally done for a contract fee, but sometimes offered by an electronics assembler and the fee is amortized over the piece price.

Electronics manufacturing services
A company offering electronics assembly services for a contract fee. (I.E. electronics parts soldered or glued to a circuit board or other substrate)

LED driver ICs
A company specializing in the manufacture of integrated circuits designed specifically for driving LEDs and controlling them.

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Offering supportive products and services for realizing an LED lighting project.

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Electronic Solutions

Infineon Technologies AG

Solutions: Electronic Solutions
Special Subjects: LED driver ICs
Business Volume: small / medium / high
Infineon Technologies AGInfineon Technologies AGInfineon Technologies AG

Contact APAC
Edward Chang
Infineon Technologies Taiwan Co. Ltd.
12F-1, No. 3-2 Yuan Qu St., Nan Kang Software Park
115 Taipei
Tel: Tel: +886 2 2652 6807
Fax: Tel: +886 2 2655 7507000
Contact EU
Peter Richter
Infineon Technologies AG
Am Campeon 1-12
85579 Neubiberg
Tel: +49 89 234 25248
Contact NAFTA
Steven Bakos
Infineon Technologies North America Corp.
640 N McCarthy Blvd
95035 Milpitas
United States
Tel: +1 408 503 2124

Infineon offers a comprehensive range of highly efficient and cost effective solutions to meet the evolving requirements of lighting applications. Our products can be used in a broad portfolio of applications, from room lighting to automotive, to the activation of light sources, energy-saving lamps
and light-management systems.
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