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LED Power suppliers/drivers
A company providing a circuit to drive or control LEDs. The circuit could be a self contained ready to use device, or a sub circuit board designed to be installed in a secondary housing.

Electronics & control engineering
A company offering electronic driver design services or electronic control design services. Normally done for a contract fee, but sometimes offered by an electronics assembler and the fee is amortized over the piece price.

Electronics manufacturing services
A company offering electronics assembly services for a contract fee. (I.E. electronics parts soldered or glued to a circuit board or other substrate)

LED driver ICs
A company specializing in the manufacture of integrated circuits designed specifically for driving LEDs and controlling them.

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Offering supportive products and services for realizing an LED lighting project.

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Electronic Solutions

HTH Sinus Electronic GmbH

Solutions: Electronic Solutions
Special Subjects: Electronic and Controls Engineering / Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) / LED driver ICs / LED Power suppliers/drivers
Business Volume: small / medium

Contact EU
Horst Horneborg
HTH Sinus Electronic GmbH
26849 Filsum
Tel: +49 4957 9282 0
Fax: +49 4957 9282 20

HTH-Sinus Electronics GmbH is an EMS company operating in northern Germany since 1999. With close relationship to its customers, HTH accompanies the whole cycle from concept over development, production, testing and packaging of your electronics to your wishes. Automated production on the most modern machines and electronic assembly lines available assures a constantly high level of quality at low prices.
Individual advice and guidance by experienced developers and manufacturing experts along with the flexibility of a modern flat hierarchy will provide you robust and cost-optimized products quickly.
Products include electronic assemblies for LEDs, automation, controllers, amplifiers, networking, SPS etc.
Services: manual assembly, THT, SMD (PCBs up to 1200x500mm), programming, functional tests and custom tests
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