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LED Power suppliers/drivers
A company providing a circuit to drive or control LEDs. The circuit could be a self contained ready to use device, or a sub circuit board designed to be installed in a secondary housing.

Electronics & control engineering
A company offering electronic driver design services or electronic control design services. Normally done for a contract fee, but sometimes offered by an electronics assembler and the fee is amortized over the piece price.

Electronics manufacturing services
A company offering electronics assembly services for a contract fee. (I.E. electronics parts soldered or glued to a circuit board or other substrate)

LED driver ICs
A company specializing in the manufacture of integrated circuits designed specifically for driving LEDs and controlling them.

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Electronic Solutions

Frank Elektronik GmbH

Solutions: Electronic Solutions
Special Subjects: Electronic and Controls Engineering / Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) / LED driver ICs / LED Power suppliers/drivers
Business Volume: small / medium / high
Frank Elektronik GmbHFrank Elektronik GmbH

Contact EU
Andreas Frank
Frank Elektronik GmbH
83278 Traunstein
Tel: +49 861 9098008 0
Fax: +49 861 15890

Frank Elektronik GmbH ist able to assemble LED-Boards and Modules up to dimensions of 1.500mm x 500mm
As an EMS provider Frank Elektronik focuses especially on LED-Board-Assembly and is experienced in all areas around this market. Frank Elektronik is constantly investing in new solutions to fulfill future requirements of it’s customers.
The benefits of longer boards are obvious:
- less components in total, especially connectors
- les effort in handling, assembly and wireing of the luminaire
- quality improvement
- space / shadowless LED positioning

Frank Elektronik provides a full service package tailored to it’s customers needs:
- LED-Board design (base material and LED selection, support for thermal and light technology)
- complete manufacturing services (SMT, THT, manual assembly, safety test, functional test, ICT Test
- ENEC Certification and others

At Frank Elektronik, the special requirements of LED-based products are combined with a state of the art high volume production.

For more information please contact:
Andreas Frank
Frank Elektronik GmbH
Falkensteinstr. 6
83278 Traunstein
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